A Guide to the Most Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one city with the most scenic and picturesque houses, canal, cafes, parks, you name it. In this day and age, everyone can be a vlogger, photographer, or an Instagram influencer. Here is your free guide to the most beautiful hotspots in the city to create an enviable Instagram grid.



Museumplein is one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists. You’ll find lots of people chilling under trees, having picnics, or even playing frisbee on the museum square. It hosts three major museums, the Van Gogh, Stedelijk, and Rijksmuseum. The pond right in front of the Rijksmuseum is one of the most photographed spots.


And while on the ground, if you get an opportunity to go into the Rijksmuseum, please get into the library. Photos on the first-floor are prohibited but on the second floor, you can take a show-stopping shot.

Moco Museum

Modern art at Moco Museum is definitely  IG heaven. Especially a shot inside Studio Irma, there is nothing like it. The kaleidoscope and matric art pieces show how people, space, and technology can blend harmoniously.

Beautiful houses


Nothing can bit the houses at Damrak. Especially as the sun goes down. The houses create such a beautiful view and it can be made magical by taking the reflection of the building on the Amsterdam canal. But try not to capture the tourists around the canal.

Jordaan District

This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Amsterdam. As you go to Anne Frank House make sure you have taken a picture of it. Only make sure you get before 11 a.m. or else you’ll have such a crowd you might not be able to capture a solo picture.


Bar Botanique

This is one of the most beautiful green restaurants in Amsterdam. It gets a whole load of attention just for the scenery. It’s been one of the most favorite Instagrammers themes and we can say it still remains our favorite indoor jungle.

Mama Kelly

If you looking for a pink explosion served with delicious lobster and chicken then Mama Kelly is for you. The furniture is rose gold and bubblegum colored. Your only problem will be what shot are you going to post.

Street food


They have made their chocolates and sweets an IG sweet tooth heaven. The whole collection has been created for the paparazzi. Go grab yourself some sweet things and snap. It’s pure Insta-magic.


These photogenic Van Wonderen traditional caramel waffles have become one of the most mouth-watering Amster-street-food-shots. The photos are classics.